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A Company founded in 2004, we specialize in floor maintenance such as marble, granite, and terrazzo floors.

We utilize the latest Diamond-Technology for sharp and professional results. Avalon Ecofriendly also offers a deep cleaning of multiple surfaces such as carpets, couches, chairs, curtains, and much more.

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Our services
Biodegradable and Ecofriendly Products

" Our mission is to protect the environment "

Avalon Ecofriendly, founded in 2004 is a company that contributes to the environment’s protection as per using ecofriendly products and tools such as steam-washing for all fabric surfaces, and diamondpolishing machinery for all stone surfaces. 

We eliminate any possible chemical residues the surfaces might kept as a result of a previous nonecofriendly cleaning.

  • Marble Surfaces Polishing

  • Granite Surfaces Polishing

  • Terrazzo Surfaces Polishing

  • Steam-Wash for Carpets

  • Steam-Wash for Couches and chairs 

  • Steam-Wash for Curtains, blinds, and rollers

  • Steam-Wash for Airplane interiors. 

  • Steam-Wash for Fabric Seats

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Critical Areas Disinfection

  • Window Cleaning

  • Commercial and residential fumigation service



Satisfied clients who have trusted us and recommend uS...

And protect the environment !

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