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Steam Washing Carpet

We believe that the beauty and life span of your high quality fabric-composed pieces such as carpets, leather goods, swede, and microfibre couches will remain looking brand new only if the proper care is taken to them.

It is important to understand that cleaning these pieces does not only consist of simply vacuuming them at Avalon Ecofriendly, we make sure to reach deep into the fibre in order to eliminate any remaining dirt, germs, and bacteria.

With our help, you can trust that your home will always look it's best.

Steam Wash is needed to remove residues from oil, grease, and dust that might have stuck to the fabric-surfaces fivers.

It is also important to understand that fabric composed surfaces need to be washed periodically not only because of their look but also for health purposes.


This being the reason why at Avalon Ecofrienly only Eco and biodegradable products are employed.


For some benefits of our companies Ecofrienly mechanics as well as
knowledge of our product base, please see below.


Our double steam-washing system is composed of an industrial like spinning brush.


This makes for our ability to inject deep into the fibre and extract any unwanted bacteria, dirt and stains.
From top to bottom, we ensure your carpet will look brand new bringing back its original look and softness.

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